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New Niva?

2008-01-31 18:22 #0 av: Dave110

Hej Folks, sorry about the English but my wrtitten Swedish is not so good!! Ledsen Has anybody out there bought a new niva 2006 or 2007 model recently and if so .... how is it? I had one in Sweden (new) back in 1996 and a great car it was.. BUT it had serious problems in the first year of ownership and was in the garage no less than 11 times for fixes and new items. I wondered if the nivas 10 years on are much better as I would love one again! So if anybody has bought one in the last year or so I would love to hear from you... thanks folks! Feel free to write in Swedish 

2008-02-12 22:22 #1 av: Dave110

Just thought I would add to my previous post that I test drove an almost new Niva today! Great.. seemed well screwed together with no obvious faults . Please those folks... anybody bought one lately?Skrattande


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