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Frågor om niva

2008-02-27 19:12 #0 av: mossmoss

Hej jag är ny på sidan. Jag skulle vilja ha några svar är sugen på att skaffa en niva.               1 När blev det servo styrning.  2 När kom insprutning.  3 Vad är det vanligaste felen

2008-02-27 22:04 #1 av: Dave110

Hej Mossmoss, sorry about the English, but you might find the forum ( discussion page) on this website I have linked most useful. www.lada.co.uk  I do not know how much money you want to spend but there are plenty on blocket to choose from. Fuel injection came in 1997 along with the 1.7 engine. I bought one then and had it here in Sweden for nearly 2 years. To be honest very little went wrong with it. I do know that rust is an issue on older models as is electrical faults. But these faults are usually easy fixes. I found that the seats in my niva were a little on the poor side so I changed my seats, fitting some from a volvo 360... easy swap to be honest! Servo steering even today is an optional extra!

I am thinking of buying another niva , but will buy it in germany were there is more to choose from and they are much, much cheaper!!!!!!!!!! God luck!! Skrattande 


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